Here we like to spotlight some of what our team is working on. It can be press on our upcoming film (Christmas in July), past and current works, our social media feeds, or just something that one of us felt like we wanted to share with you all. Over time this will continue to be updated as news presents itself and there is something we want to share.

 March 31st, 2017

March 31st, 2017

HOT OFF THE PRESS feat. reiley mcclendon

At the end of March Reiley was asked to be a guest on the show Hot Off the Press with host Kristen Dalton Wolfe to discuss his story as an actor and his journey in Hollywood as a rising star. The interview is honest and pure and really shows who Reiley is as a person. Oh... and there's a hint drop at the end about our film :) Reiley's segment starts around 19 minutes in.

Submit. reject. submit. reject.

An article our director, Myles Matsuno, wrote recently on film festival submissions and being vulnerable. A lot of hard work goes into film-making and it's not always easy (rarely ever is). If you have some time read the piece. Maybe you can relate.

Link ->

 Shot from Time Trap Website

Shot from Time Trap Website

Time trap.

Reiley McClendon co-starred in this film that will be premiering at the San Francisco International Film Festival May 19th, 2017. Check out the trailer and information about the film here ->

Micah Massey.jpg

micah massey

More than being just a really cool dude... This guy is extremely talented! Not only did he win a Grammy in 2012 for writing Your Presence is Heaven, but he is currently one of the founders of 10,000 Fathers, which is a dedicated to "Nurturing worship leaders who lead songs into worship pastors who lead people." If you have some time check out his stuff and look out for the music that is already in the works between the Myles (Director) and Micah. 

Chad Lawson.

Chad is a man of amazing talents. His pieces can be heard in The Walking Dead, Lore Podcasts, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, and MANY others. Being classically trained at a young age, Chad has grown and visited byways of various musical genres, which led him to find his own voice and topping sales charts in the early 2010's. 

You can find his music on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and MusicBed. His album Chopin Variations reached #1 on Billboard, iTunes, and Amazon classical charts in 2015.